Music Album review. Idle Revolution by Lucid 8

Lucid 8 hails from Salt Lake City and was formed in March 2010.

They are a mix of Rock/Classic/Alternative Rock.

Eddy Williams-Vocals

Iann L. Murray-Guitar

Andy Craddock-Guitar

Jonny Craddock-Drums

Steven Simmons-Bass

Their music will appeal to a broad audience.

Most of the songs made me want to hop in the car with the windows down and just drive and enjoy life.

What I liked the best about this album is how well thought out each song was. So many times I buy an album and there are 2 or 3 of what I like to call “Throw In” songs, where I’m wondering if the songs were just half way written and tossed on there just to complete the album.

Not with this one.

I enjoyed every song, and since yesterday it has been on loop in our house.

Go check them out. They have a great sound!

I received this album in exchange for an honest review.


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