Our Town a Novel by Kevin McEnroe

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I received this book from WordSlinger in exchange for a review, and I honestly let it sit on my desk for a couple of weeks once I put the dots together. Kevin McEnroe is the son of Tatum O’Neal and John McEnroe, so when I read all the accolades for this book on the back cover, I kind of did the eye roll thing and wondered why I was surprised.

Of course the son of an actress and tennis star is going to receive overwhelming approval for his first novel.

It is a pity I had this frame of mind, because it is really a great read.

And Kevin McEnroe certainly had the life experience to do this story justice.

This novel reminds me of some of the novels I picked up in the 80’s that covered the disillusionment of Hollywood, drugs, alcohol, beauty and what is left of beauty at the end.

Dorothy White is the main character in this novel, and she can never quite figure things out. She tries and fails and you are very sympathetic towards her, even though some of her choices are destructive not only to herself, but to her children and others as well.

I highly recommend this book and hope to read future works from Author Kevin Jack McEnroe. His talent  deserves all the applause it receives.

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  1. cocktailmolly
    Jul 18, 2015 @ 21:50:32

    I do the same thing when I hear that some Hollywood scion has written a novel, but three little surprised are the things that teaches us to approach it all with an open mind, thus rendering us book sluts to read then criticize 😂.

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  2. gizpix
    Jul 18, 2015 @ 21:50:26

    Thank you, January. http://artistfirst.com/ronshaw.htm httronshawmedia.com http://bit.ly/1J1h7ak pic.twitter.com/dEND7bR2tu




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