I found this series on my Amazon Prime Reading, and after reading Paul’s book Towards Yesterday (see my review), I decided to read these.

I enjoyed these books…and I didn’t…

I enjoyed them enough to read practically back to back over a long weekend, but I also skimmed a lot.

As I stated in my review of his book Towards Yesterday, sometimes this Author gets WAY TOO descriptive for me.

It gets tedious reading paragraph after paragraph of every movement that happens in a situation. In one of the books, it took forever for him to get the main character out of the garage with a vehicle, when she was being pursued.

Also, in this scene, he made Emily (the main character) way too dumb when it came to vehicles. She had moved to New York, and of course, never found the need to learn to drive. But this Author treated her like she had NEVER even ridden in a vehicle in her entire life. She had no idea which was the gas and which was the brake pedal, which I found ridiculous.

Now, I will admit, I skimmed quite a bit the further I progressed with this series, so I may have missed Emily getting taught (but I doubt it)…so, Emily had never driven a car, yet later in the series she knows how to jump a vehicle and change a tire. Oh, she also learns how to drive a CAT, a boat and a helicopter…(she was trained on the helicopter.)

I also didn’t like how when children were brought into the story, Emily, a single career girl Journalist, knows exactly how to deal with children and knows exactly what to say to calm them down. Not every woman has the mothering  instinct and it gets played over and over in stories, so just a personal bother on that point…it probably wouldn’t bother many others. 😉

Paul is a great writer, and I was hoping to see him grow more as the series progressed. As far as I’m concerned, he could have ditched the second book entirely and condensed it into either the first or third book.

The second book is nothing but Emily’s tedious journey across country to what she hopes is safety. She originally plans to do this by bicycle…and I just can’t even…

Paul makes her a semi-MacGyver that just doesn’t always help make the story work.

Paul leaves all of his surprises in the last few pages, and ends with  cliff hangers.

Overall though, I enjoyed this series and I may or may not read the next one in line. If I do, I will most likely skim it as well.

If he would cut down on the drawn out descriptions of every single breath and movement the characters take, that would really improve these books and his future writings.

I will keep my eye on him though, as he has potential to be a best selling Author.

Believe it or not, I still recommend this series for fans of Sci-Fi. I did enjoy these books for the most part, and the Author does write well enough for you to want to know what happened.


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