Overlooked Voices- Audio book Narrator



I used to loathe the idea of listening to a book. I do not like being read to, even if it’s something as simple as a news article someone wants to share with me.

But…life got busy, super busy, and finding time to actually sit down with a book became more difficult.

I took a chance on e-bay with a Lot for sale of Brad Meltzer audio books.

I am already a huge fan of his, so I thought that would help make the audio book transition easier.

I have tried various audio books throughout the years, but just could not get into them.

One day, on my long drive into town, I put the first CD of his audio book The Zero Game, into my cars CD player…and fell…in love!

The Narrator  is Scott Brick. His voice is amazing! He uses different voices for each of the characters, but doesn’t go overboard.

His inflection is perfect on each point.

My Mother listens to a lot of audio books, so I asked what draws her to certain ones.

She said the narrator. Some audio books she has to give up on because she finds the voice dull or annoying.

I was thrilled to discover that the other audio books I had purchased from e-bay were also narrarated by Scott Brick.

One is done by Tony Goldwyn, so I’m looking forward to that one.

The kids love their audio books, and I love that there are so many that make learning fun for them and stimulate their blossoming imaginations!

The training and coaching that audio book narrators have to go through is quite long. I was impressed.

In the future, I will do a post about my favorite audio book narrators, but until then, I would LOVE to hear who your favorites are and why!


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