I did not love this book, nor did I hate it. I got it because of the title, because I LOVE Def Leppard. (Yes, for that reason.)

This book would make a good Summer/Vacation or “too busy to really read much,” type of read, as in that it is interesting, however, you won’t miss it if you have to put it down for awhile.

It starts with the main character (Amy) listening to her daughter practice piano, and while doing so, reflects back on her life. It is interesting enough, but then kind of wanders, and sometimes it takes you a minute to realize who is nararating.

I think this was intended to be a Girl Meets Boy-loses boy type of book, but I seriously ended up not caring if she and Nick got  together or not.

I realize Amy was fresh out of college, but she was 12 year old love struck/forlorn all throughout this book.

And, there are several characters in this book who are just there. They really don’t have a reason or story line.

But never fear, this IS worth reading. As light as it is, I recommend still giving it a read.

Amy is one of those types of people who will take the road of least resistance. That is fine, however I was left feeling she was left unhappy with her job choice, and unfortunately took a career path that probably wasn’t of her choosing.

But…that is the point of this book. Looking back at choices made, re-evaluating your life, and possibly going after your original dream.

I could have done without Nick’s journal completely.

Again, this is a good book to read when you are just looking for something entertaining, but don’t expect a deep or complete read.

There were a few annoying spelling errors:

Head over Heels was written: Head Over Heals

And several times, it should have read, “An MBA, not And MBA.”

This book is getting mixed reviews, and in full-disclosure, most of you know a book like this isn’t my particular cup of tea, but I still recommend it. Stick it in your bag for those times you are stuck waiting for the doctor, or want something to read on your lunch break.

It’s an excellent book to take outside when your kids are playing and you want to read, but still need to give them proper supervision :). You will enjoy this book, but you won’t mind when you are interupeted.

Here is the link for purchase, and last I checked it is on Kindle Unlimited.

I think more people will enjoy it than not.

I think the author means for this book to be a stand alone, but I wouldn’t mind reading another book of hers telling Nick’s side of the story, or continue Amy and Nick’s story with him telling it.



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