Yesterday, I saw a tweet that said,

If you don’t give a book five stars, you better explain why!”

Sorry, but your readers do not owe you anything.

It doesn’t matter if you gave them the book to read and review, if it was gifted by someone else, or if they purchased it themselves.



To me, FIVE stars means I enjoyed it so much, and found the writing, plot and characters so flawlessly written, that I am putting that book on BLAST on ALL of my social networks, and to my friends and family.

FIVE stars is a book that I devoured and enjoyed and could not stop thinking about.

Stop thinking that getting THREE stars is a bad thing!

Most people feel that THREE stars means it was good.

Stop acting like people owe you a typed review.

Many people do not like leaving written comments, or they don’t know how to write it.

Many people think that writing, “It was good, I enjoyed it,” isn’t enough, so they don’t bother.

And…many people look at the stars and not the comments anyway.



Watch your attitude or you’re going to lose the few readers you have, who will talk to other readers, and you will lose them too.

Your skin needs to be thick when you are a writer or any other type of creative person.

Unfortunately, there will always be battles of entitlement between Authors and Readers.

Over many things, for many reasons, both right and wrong.

Take the high road.

The best place to start is by NOT telling your readers what they “BETTER” do.

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