Easy Recipes to warm your belly this Winter! “CHEF Q IN PARIS” by DIDIER QUEMENER



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A Parisian private chef invites you into his kitchen for a taste of his favorite winter recipes—and anecdotes about growing up in the French countryside.

Chef Didier Quémener, author of Chef Q in Paris: The Fall Collection, is back with his second book, this time focusing on winter. Didier’s mantra is cooking with seasonal products. They’re inexpensive and flavorful. What’s not to love? Growing up in the French countryside, Didier learned how to make the most of each season, choosing the tastiest ingredients to warm the body and soul. Today, he shares delicious, easy and inexpensive recipes, as well as tips and stories from his life then and now.

Like Didier’s fall cookbook, this one, too, has French flair, but doesn’t stop at French borders. Didier has traveled throughout the U.S., Europe and China, and he brings these voyages to his cuisine. If you enjoy cookbooks with a seasonal and international flavor, this one will delight your palate!

Author Interview

It’s such a fun idea to have four cookbooks in your series, one for each season. Why did you choose to focus on seasonal cooking?

Seasonal products are the key to great cooking! To truly enjoy food at its best, we have to appreciate what nature gives us—and at the time when it’s ready to be on our plates. For instance, I can’t see myself cooking a cherry pie in December or a French apple tart in June! Follow the seasons, and logically your meals will be tastier.

French cuisine sounds delicious but French cooking sounds hard. Are your recipes easy? Involved? Somewhere in-between?

That’s another myth that needs a good debunking! Like all great cuisine in this world, French cuisine started in the countryside where people had to be wise and frugal, using products available to them at a given time. Today, French “haute-cuisine” is a different ballgame, but when it comes to traditional, original and tasty French cooking, there is nothing complicated about it. The recipe? A bit of time, the right products and the right method!

You’re a French-American chef living in Paris who sometimes works in the U.K. and often travels the world. I’m guessing I’ll find international influences in your cookbook, and not just French recipes, right?

You’re correct! That’s what I love about traveling: being exposed to a variety of cuisines, products, stories behind recipes, etc. I love to learn about new foods and ingredients, and see how the locals use them in their cooking. Then I bring my discoveries back to my own kitchen!


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This book is just as good, if not better than his Fall Collection cookbook!

My favorite thing about his cookbooks are the easy to follow directions and easy to find ingredients.

This collection of Winter recipes is sure to warm your belly!

I also appreciate how he explains and shows you how clean and healthy eating isn’t as difficult of intimidating as it seems.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, and honestly adding his book collection would be an excellent addition to anyone’s kitchen, and these would make great gifts for the cook and/or food lover in your life.



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