My goal for Indie Authors in 2017, is to really get the word out as to how important reviews are, and how easy they are to do.

The last time I checked, once an Author receives 50 reviews on Amazon, their book will start getting suggested to people who are browsing Amazon.

When I receive a book in exchange for my review, I do not read the other reviews until I have already posted mine. I do not want anything at all to influence my opinion.

However, when I am outright buying a book, you bet your bottom dollar that I look at every single review before purchasing.

Reviews and word of mouth are what helps Authors sell their books! And do you know how much Authors appreciate your reviews? It means the world to them! It means someone chose their book over a bazillion others, to read! ❤

Writing is hard work, as much as the movie industry has made it seem romantic. It is time away from family and friends, it’s a lot of tears and self-doubt. Yes, there are beautiful moments in writing, however it is still hard work.

And, Authors spending time on promoting means they have to spend time away from actually writing.


Okay, so this is where I give you a swift kick in the rump!

I hear so many readers say they don’t know what to say when leaving a review.


After this insane political season, I have fully come to realize that EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION AND KNOWS PERFECTLY WELL HOW TO EXPRESS IT!

So, don’t give me anymore excuses, and please make leaving reviews for books you read, a Resolution that you REALLY stick to in 2017!

Pinky promise?




Keep These Tips in Mind When Considering Self-Publishing a Book

10/14/2016 12:44 pm ET | Updated Oct 14, 2016

What factors should I keep in mind if I want to self-publish a book? originally appeared on Quorathe knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Answer by Allison Winn Scotch, New York Times bestselling author of six novels, including In Twenty Years, on Quora:

When asked about self-publishing, my honest answer is that I think self-publishing is a very tricky beast, and while it seems like the easy way to go, unless you are a writer in a specific genre (romance, for example), I think it can lead to disappointment. I opted to self-publish my fifth novel because I thought I could do a better job on it than a traditional publisher after my discouraging experience with my fourth book. I was listless and unhappy with the shifting winds of the publishing world, and I already had a pretty good built-in audience, so I wanted to give it a go.

Because I’d had all the experience within the publishing world, I put the book through all the paces that it would have gone through had I opted for a traditional publisher. I hired a veteran editor, I hired the designer who did my jackets at Random House, I did extensive copy-edits and galleys, etc. The finished product wasn’t much different than what would have come out of a traditional publisher, and I think that’s really critical: just because you’re self-publishing doesn’t mean that it can be amateurish or unpolished. Also, I think it is super, super, super important to go through a very hearty editing process. One thing that is very difficult to learn is when your book is really done. Even now, on my seventh book, I probably go through five or six rewrites, and I think that with self-publishing, it’s too easy to just upload something that isn’t ready to be put out into the world.

From there, you still have marketing to deal with. I think aspiring self-published authors underestimate how difficult it can be to get eyeballs and readership (again, certain genres do well, so this isn’t a blanket statement). I had a film deal and a lot of press to help me out, so I felt secure with it, but, for example, when it came time to consider how to handle my new novel without having locked in a film deal, I wasn’t sure that I had the reach to sell as many copies as I hoped, and ultimately, I chose not to self-publish again. Competing for readership is very difficult in this crowded marketplace, so my advice is to really consider how you will do that and to have a plan. I seem to recall that the average self-published book sells fewer than five hundred copies. That’s your friends and family, and that’s not enough. So be sure that you have done your research and have a marketing plan beyond posting it on Facebook.

This question originally appeared on Quora – the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. You can follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

More questions:

Readers, Did you know?


I know I push buying books from Indie Authors, as I’ve said before, the price typically ranges from 99 cents to 4.99.

But, here is one of my favorite places where you can get books for FREE in exchange for your honest review. You do NOT need a blog or a broad social networking reach.

Be sure to ALWAYS post on Amazon.

GoodReads is a great place as well, and quick and easy.

Also, since 99% of you have a Pinterest, go ahead and add a Book board! 🙂


How it works:

After easy e-mail/password sign-up (sign up as Reader), and account confirmation, you can select the categories you like.

You can then browse the categories and request books. Be careful to pay attention to which countries that particular book is open to request.

There is also a Read Now section, where you do not have to wait for approval of the book.

Once you’ve read the book, they have an easy 5 star section and you can also add comments if you choose.

This is one of my favorites, but it is easy to request too many and get overwhelmed. I did not have to wait long for my first approval, but some people have had to wait a couple days.

One of my favorite things about NetGalley, is it offers a wide range of Authors. Some are newbie/Indie Authors, and others are well established/well known Authors.

So, go take a look and happy reading!



The Care and Feeding of an Author



Do you read more than ONE book at a time?


I love the smell and feel of REAL books, but as much as I travel, having a variety of books and magazines on one small Kindle is wonderful.

I am curious though, do you read more than one book at a time?

Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I pick up a book and read it cover to cover in one sitting (my favorite kind of reading).

Other times, I might have a Mystery, volume of Poetry, and a Women’s Fiction book all going on at the same time.

I always have a book I am reviewing regarding the Holocaust, but those are incredibly hard to read in one sitting.

I also enjoy reading a Children’s book or two while I’m reading a few novels.

What are your reading habits?

Dear Readers: Did you forget something?


Dear Readers,

You just finished a book.

Did you forget something?

Did you leave a quick review on Amazon and or GoodReads?

Do you know the Author on your Social Network? Did you send them a PM or give them a quick shout out, letting them know you read their book?

It’s VERY important, you know.

We live in a world now where everyone has an opinion about everything, and we have PLENTY of places to express our opinions.

Authors work hard to create a great story for you, so if you loved their work, give them a shout and leave a quick review.

It doesn’t have to be a detailed review.

And, if you didn’t like the book, please still leave a review because ALL Authors want to improve their writing.

Just be CONSTRUCTIVE with any criticism(s) you may have.

I know sometimes I will read a book that I didn’t totally care about, but I have friends who I know will love it.

Share your love of reading!

If you love reading, please help the Authors by leaving a quick review.

Thank you.







Would you like some Coffee with your Fiction?


My life schedule is a little different from most, and I am usually able to set aside one full day a week for not much else except reading.

The weather is a deciding factor on whether I read outside on my patio, or indoors all curled up under a blanket.

Regardless, it is a peaceful ritual for me and I like to have coffee or tea, and sometimes wine, along with cookies or some other treat.

If the cold weather forces me indoors, I like to get into comfortable clothes, start a fire and play Yo-Yo Ma softly in the background.

Do you get to set aside time for reading or do you just read when you can?

What are some things you enjoy while reading?

Here are some of my favorites.

Please share yours.


Celestial Seasonings, after much demand, has brought back their Almond Sunset tea and it is delicious. A hint of orange and cinnamon are my favorite parts of the flavor blend of this tea.


Yogi Teas This is a very nice tea that helps you relax, but doesn’t make you sleepy. At least it doesn’t make me sleepy, and Everything makes me sleepy! 😉 I suggest buying these at Target instead of on-line as the price on Amazon is very high. I’ve also noticed grocery stores are lowering their prices on the Yogi brand teas.


Now, if you only one to read a few more chapters before bed, I highly recommend this tea. So soothing, and Yes, it does make me sleepy. Great

I also like hot chocolate with marshmallows, and flavored hot chocolates, such as Raspberry.

I am also on the Pumpkin Spice kick.

Share with me some of your favorite rituals or drinks!





Stay Safe During Hurricane Matthew!

January Gray Reviews sends good wishes and safety out, to those in the path of this hurricane, and those already affected by it.

Evacuate if ordered to do so. Hunker down with a good book, and STAY SAFE! ❤






Social media in the writing, reading and book reviewing world. Yes, it is a great outlet for Authors and bloggers, and readers are always finding new books to read.

But when is it too much?

When I first started my Book Reviewing blog, I also created a Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+, GoodReads, LibraryThing, Instagram and Pinterest…

Not including the places I am required to post my reviews, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, NetGalley, sometimes Smashwords, and the publishers page.

I knew I was missing other Social Networks, but I thought these were enough.

It turns out, they were too much.

Now some disagree, and I understand both sides of the social networking coin, but sometimes it is too much noise.

As a mostly introvert, I enjoy Social Media. It allows me to socialize without actually going out or changing from my Yoga pants. I can also multi-task or simply walk away from it when there is something I have to do, or I am just done socializing for the moment.


Between all of the messages and chat boards and my own posts, it was too much.

I know some people have a schedule for their Prime Times of social impact, but I do not live that kind of life where I can schedule, although I have found scheduling blog posts and FB page posts to be very useful.

But you know what I miss between the Tweets and Re-Tweets?

I miss the connection. The reason for all of these apps on my phone.

The Social Connection.

I started blogging because I love to read and write, and I love helping Authors get noticed.

But what I am loving the most, are the connections and friendships I am making with these Authors.

The ones who message me and can tell me their book got some more sales and great reviews, and they don’t even have to tell me the title because I KNOW that Author and their book.

I love encouraging them to not give up when it seems no one is interested in their book or they got a crappy review.

I also enjoy the GoodReads and FB Groups I am a part of, and it is nice to actually have time to interact with people instead of racing around the internet making sure I have posted my most recent reviews all over the place.

I understand getting out there and getting your work noticed is important and your audience is stretched out all over the planet, but personally, I am finding limiting the Social Networks I use, has improved my audience.

I gave up LibraryThing because it is similar to GoodReads but wasn’t as productive for me.

I also gave up Google+. It just wasn’t for me, and I never took the time to understand it. My feedback from Google+ was next to none.

What works for one doesn’t work for all.

So, go ahead, use all of the Social Networks you want. I know many of you are more adept at it than I will ever be.

Just keep in mind…


How to deal with a Reading Slump


I get into a reading slump about twice a year. There are various reasons. Sometimes my life is too busy and I have too much on my mind, to sit down and focus on a book.

Sometimes, nothing seems to appeal to me, although I hit that Buy Now button pretty quickly three months ago on Amazon!

Sometimes, I run into a book that is neither good nor bad, but holds my interest, only to get irritated with myself that I hung in and finished it. And then it is like I subconsciously think the next book is going to screw me over as well.

And sometimes, I unintentionally put myself into a reading slump by reading too many books back to back from the same genre.

I get on a kick for certain books and get stuck in that for awhile.

But sometimes…oh that magical moment…

Sometimes, I read a book so wonderful and fulfilling that it is hard to move on from it and go to the next book on my list.

I used to get mad at myself over my reading slumps. Adulthood is not and cannot be like my childhood, where my nose was forever and always in a book unless I was doing chores…and even then… 😉

I also used to worry I would quit enjoying reading altogether.

One of the things I do to get out of my reading slump, is to read magazines. No big commitment, yet it is enjoyable and relaxing. And, I actually learn a few things.

I no longer get mad at myself or worry.

Reading slumps do and will continue to happen.

I just don’t like them.

But, I relax in the knowledge that soon enough I will go on a reading spree, where housework gets put off, and laundry doesn’t get folded.

Do you suffer from Reading Slumps?


What do you do about it?

Happy Reading!




download (1)


One of my biggest peeves lately that I’ve noticed in the Indie Author world, are readers asking for free copies.

Yeah, yeah, I know…this comes from a Blogger who gets books for free.

but wait…

I also purchase from these Authors, because it is only fair. Yes, I am receiving a free copy in exchange for my time to read, review, and promote their book, but honestly…their prices range from 99 cents to 4.99 at most that I’ve seen.

But I digress…

It seems many readers lack respect for Indie Authors.

Do they understand how brutal the publishing world is?

As a freelance writer, I’ve had many of my colleagues tell me that Publishers aren’t even giving manuscripts from new writers a second glance unless they can see a future movie and action figures.

I had a ‘friend’ recently say this to me:

“Just write the book, send it off and there you go.”

That was an EXACT quote.

But this is the same friend who told me it must be nice to be a Freelance writer because “they tell you what to write.”

The trend I am seeing, is readers returning books that show they have read 100% of!

They are also reaching out to Indie Authors for free books, because “they are poor and can’t afford books.”

Why is writing not appreciated as work?

Has the world romanticized writing?

I think many readers see Authors waking up slowly and gently in the morning, walking into the kitchen and feeding the cat while they wait for coffee to brew.

Then the Author goes to their front porch (wraparound with an amazing view of a lake of course, and let’s add some pretty flowers, singing birds…oh, and a weeping willow tree.)

And, after the first cup of coffee, the Author wanders to their desk and magically writes a book!

What many readers do not see:

Overslept, late for work (perhaps trying to get Children out the door?)

Traffic jams, bad day at work (because so far writing isn’t paying the bills.)

Grocery shopping, paying bills, housework, laundry, oops time to cook dinner.

Help the kids with homework? What kind of math are they teaching them?

Get things ready for the next day, and MAYBE find a few minutes to write…


that ‘great idea’ you had while in your car, has somehow disappeared!

Would readers contact their favorite best-selling Author, tell them they are poor and ask the author for their books?

Unfortunately, I think some of them would.

Writing is blood, sweat and tears. Many, many tears.

It is frustration, disappointment and all sorts of negative things.

But writing chooses us, we don’t choose writing.

It can be both a gift and a curse.

But oh what a calling and a gift it truly is, even on the worst of writing days!

I just wish more readers would appreciate it for what it truly is.

Hard work.

Good luck, and keep writing!

January Gray

Calling ALL Readers! :)

Greetings, Sunshines! Hope you are having a fabulous week of reading!

Today I want to talk about the importance of leaving a review. Even if only on Amazon.

Reviews are what help Authors. Even the reviews that aren’t all that great.

For example, let us say you read a Romance, and you give it three stars on Amazon, and your written review says it had too much sex in it for your liking.

Guess what?

You mentioning that there is a lot of sex will attract readers to the book, who enjoy a book full of sex scenes.

We all don’t like the same things in books, but even the comments you feel are negative can be useful, if written in a kind way.

Please don’t ever leave a negative review full of nothing but rant. But please be honest, as Authors (thick skinned as they are), appreciate your opinion as long as it is delivered in a logical way.

Reviews are easy to write. You can simply  leave a few sentences, you do not have to be detailed.

For example:

  • I liked it, it kept my attention
  • I didn’t like it, it didn’t keep my attention
  • I read it in one siting…

…you get my meaning. 😉

Even something as simple as saying you took it on vacation, gives those interested in the book and reading your review, a broad insight into the book.

When I say vacation or weekend book in my reviews, I hope to impress upon people that it is a good book to enjoy and relax with. A book with a good story that makes you forget the real world for awhile.

There are many places  you can leave a review such as:

  • FACEBOOK (yes, even on your own personal page)
  • PINTEREST (cover photo)
  • INSTAGRAM (cover photo)

And several other places, I have either forgotten at the moment or am not aware of.

But honestly, a simple review on Amazon with just a few sentences can mean the world to an Author. So go show them some love…

after you finish what you are reading of course! ❤

Burnout from reading favorite Authors?


Dear Readers,

Do you ever suffer from burnout by reading your favorite Authors back to back?

I remember, many years ago all I read for the very longest time was Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Danielle Steel.

I was the first in line to buy and read their books.

It wasn’t that the writing was bad or found one of their books less enjoyable, (although I do have my favorites and least favorites.)

I simply had enough.

I hate when this happens.

But of course, I think our taste changes as we grow older?

Do you agree or disagree?

What do you do when you suffer from this Burnout?

Do you wait awhile and go back to the Author, do you leave with intentions of picking up their books again in the future, or do you never return to them?

Just curious.

Happy reading!

Oh, and also we discover new Authors we love! 🙂

The World of the Book Blogger

I have been stumbling across some blog posts by other book reviewers or former book reviewers, that honestly disturb me.

Yes, I totally understand book reviewing and blogging is a lot of work, and compensation for all of that time is a free book and zero pay.

Hey, I get it. I took a break from book reviewing myself. I was overwhelmed by stacks of books, and books on my Kindle and PDF’s of books, and I did get irritated that some books I  WANTED to read, and had purchased on my own were put to the side.

I understand what it is like to feel pressure to post a review by a certain date. I understand how book reviewing can take over your life.

What I don’t understand, is complaining about how much money you could make if book reviewing were a paid job. Am I lost? Sure, it would be the dream job to get paid to read books and give my opinion, but what happened to the sheer love of books and reading?

And when an Author posts or e-mails me about a sale or being picked up by a Publisher, I am thrilled to have been a part of that.

I also do not understand the complaints Bloggers have about being asked to post their reviews on Amazon and other social networks.

Once you have written the review, it is simple cut and paste the review or copy your link and paste it.

Somebody help me out here. I understand wanting to make money, but to me a free book, the love of writing, being one of the first to discover a new Author or new release, is awesome.

Maybe it is because I feel so fulfilled in other areas of my life, that I do not have a problem with the free book-free review exchange.

I learned a lot from the first time I started my blog, and I am still learning.

What I have mainly learned, is that open communication with Authors makes it easier for everyone. 🙂


I don’t know…

I kind of look at it as money saved on books if I’m forced to look at monetary compensation.

Sorry for sort of rambling here..

I just wish I could understand.

Keep writing, and I will keep reading! 🙂




Unfortunately, I had gotten caught up in all the hype about them, so I downloaded the Kindle 3 book bundle all at the same time.

I read the first one…every word, and read/skimmed the second and third books.

Not only did I hate them, but the fact she was widely published and clearly such a poor writer, while I have stacks of books from excellent, yet unnoticed Indie Authors really made me mad. And, it takes a lot to really make me mad.

And the way she represented that particular lifestyle is all wrong. If you don’t know this, just trust me. I cannot even give her creative liberties with this one, because even Fiction requires a certain amount of responsibility.

I also made a lot of people mad at me when I would mention how the popularity of these books just goes to show how many bored housewives are on the planet. Relax, I’m only playing.

“Bored housewives unite!”

*wink wink*

There is nothing wrong with Erotica or Smut. But when it is completely mangled…when ANY book is completely mangled the way these were, there is going to be negative feedback.

A friend loaned me her copy of Grey, and I read every word. I didn’t particularly enjoy it, but I was curious about something.

When E.L. James and her crew did the the Talk To The Author thing on Twitter, she received some horrible tweets. I agreed with them, mostly. I thought they were stupid for even trying something like that on the social networks.

But now, after reading Grey myself, I have a bit of a change of heart.

Just a bit.

MANY of the comments were in the mean zone but true.

MANY of the comments about Grey (the 4th book) in particular, were taken out of context.

MANY of the comments were downright grasping at straws simply as another opportunity to slam something/someone.

All creative people subject themselves to criticism and there will always be a Team Love and a Team Hate.

Admittedly, Team Love sometimes goes over board as well,

but when Team Hate Tweets about a paragraph in a book, and that one lone paragraph is all you get to see, without reading previous pages, it is clearly taken out of context simply for a point for Team Hate.

In all fairness, maybe the reason I didn’t enjoy her books is because they were too tame for me. I read smut books that almost make my eyes bleed.

And, if I were still a teen girl, I promise you I would be sneaking ALL 50 Shades into my parents house and sneaking to read them!

It is okay to dislike a book. Hate it even.

But the criticism needs to be as equally honest as the praise. 

Dear Indie Authors: I cheated on you :(

Dear Indie Authors:

I cheated on you over the long 4th of July weekend. I packed my bags for the lake, left your books behind, and downloaded three books by Elin Hilderbrand.

And I was seriously disappointed and I offer my sincere apologies.

 I downloaded these without reading the reviews. Oh, I saw that they had received every star in the spectrum, but it seemed balanced out. However, as a reviewer myself, I know better than not to read reviews…

But, I was going away for an extended weekend, I just wanted  stories. I understood these stories might be fluff.

Except I didn’t even get fluff.

Warning, there will be spoilers in this post.

I started with The Rumor. I finished it, but must admit I skimmed quite a bit. This book reminded us that sometimes the truth is far more scandalous than the rumors going around, but the scandals were ridiculous. While one character was cheating on her husband with the “landscape architect”, she let her two daughters run free and failed to see that her husband had turned into a pimp of sorts in order to save his failing real estate venture. (No, I was not drinking wine when I read that part.)

I had trouble connecting with the characters, and the story was choppy, but it was okay.

I skimmed Summer People. I skimmed it big time. The main character was the mother and she had teenage twins, a boy and a girl. Their Father, a lawyer, had recently been killed in a plane crash while going to court to defend the mother of a black boy. The main character and her twins took this boy with them on their trip to Nantucket.

With this black boy, I felt she was trying to be politically correct and failed. She hit every stereotype those who do not associate with blacks believe.

The ‘big scandal’ in this book was a secret the mother had. This turned out to be nothing more than she had ran off with her boyfriend and got married, when she was in her early twenties and lived on Nantucket with her parents.

Her parents were against this marriage, so after three weeks, she divorced. Bam That was it.

Her ex-husband showed up in the story a couple of times, but all he did was drink beer and hit on her, as his current marriage was failing. I ended up not caring if the two of them fell back in love or not. The mother was a weak character, and I was left with the feeling the hardest decisions she had ever made in her life were what to fix for dinner and whether or not to take the morning or evening Yoga class.

The Castaways: Elin Hilderbrand’s books are touted as Beach Reads. A Beach Read is supposed to sweep me away, however this one made me wish a giant wave would sweep me out into the lake and drown me.

I could not finish this book. I didn’t even bother to skim to the end to find out if one couple either killed each other when they were out on a boat, or if it was a tragic accident. That is how little I care. The characters could not stay sober for more than two chapters, and the children in this book (and the other two), got overlooked and neglected by the adults.

In this book, if I had this group of people as friends, I would run away fast. There were so many husbands and wives cheating on each other with their ‘friends’ partner, that I lost track.

Whenever they went out to eat, you got a full description of what every person ordered, (Six couples = twelve people, so imagine…)

Elin Hilderbrand’s books are SO close to being good, but totally flop. They are always based in Nantucket, which is fine, but she fails to give you the flavor of the area. Her characters drink heavily, cheat on their spouses and back stab their ‘friends’. If you like reading six pages of descriptions of food, you will love these books. However, do not expect any sort of romance or love story from these, nor any delicious sex scenes.

Out of three books, I did not connect with a single character. They come across as soap operas and lack variety. The same Rolling Stones song is in all of them.

I expect variety from Authors. I don’t want to read books  where certain  foods, wine and song are the same favorite in every book. Am I being nit-picky? I don’t think so. It made me believe the Author lacked imagination.

These were certainly not Beach Reads.

I ended up feeling bad after reading these. It was a waste of my time, when I have Indie Authors who have blown me away with their first book. And it made me kind of mad that she’s been published several times, while some great reads have to struggle to get published.

So, why am I posting about books I’m only giving one star to? Why, when I typically don’t bother posting my one/two star reviews?

Because even after that, which is just a taste of how I feel, even after reading other one and two star reviews, Elin Hilderbrand still has Best Seller on her book covers and she has an audience who will buy her next book before the ink has dried.

There is almost always an audience for every book out there.

Every Author gets bad reviews.

And you know what? I have no doubt even this blog post will help sell a few, because some people will be curious enough to go check this Author out.

Remember,  I have told you before I have read one star reviews where the reader didn’t like the book because of the sex in it, and after reading the review I was like, “Take my money! I love reading sex scenes!”  😉

So, dear Indie Authors, don’t always look at negative reviews as a negative thing.

My own lesson from all of this.

It is okay for me to cheat on you Indie Authors. Except, it’s not cheating. It’s reading what I want along the way of reading yours and getting a review to you.  Because your books are still going to be available ten years down the road, and every review helps, right?

So, let’s not call it cheating. The only thing I cheat on is my lunch time, where I might slip in a few extra minutes or perhaps slip out the door five minutes early at the end of my work day.

Cheating means I should feel guilty, and I promise you I will not be feeling guilty when I go on a trip in August and catch up on a trilogy I started years ago. 😉

We shall come up with another term for it.

I also learned to ALWAYS read reviews when I’m shopping for a book. I do not read reviews of my Indie Authors until I have written and posted mine as I do not want any influence.

I totally forgot to READ reviews for these. 😦

Although I did not enjoy these books, I enjoyed picking them out. No, I do not accept every book that Indie Authors want to send my way, but it was really fun just browsing Amazon and picking a book!

I will always maintain my love of reading. I have to.

And you, dear Authors, must maintain your love of writing them. There will always be haters and trolls and those ugly little one/two stars.


But there are also people out there who will read your books. Who look forward to the next one, who will badger you until you give them more books.

But please keep writing. Please keep chugging through and overcoming.

Your audience is out there.



Please join me in welcoming S.D. Curran as a blogger for January Gray Reviews!

S.D. Curran is an author, blogger, and professor of English at Quincy College and Liberty University. He holds a M.A. in English from National University in La Jolla, CA. He earned his doctorate in 2014 from Jones International University in Centennial, CO.

His second novel, For None of Woman Born was published on January 1st, 2015 and is available from He lives in Massachusetts with his beautiful wife, Bethany, and their neurotic cat, Lancelot.

He enjoys reading science-fiction, history, and literary fiction.

Please join me in giving him a warm welcome to January Gray Reviews! 🙂

An open Thank You letter to ALL-January Gray

selfportraitAs many of you know, I started Book Reviewing, not realizing the time and work involved…or at least forgetting I have a life outside of books. (that part makes me sad sometimes. 😉 )

I played catch up today and am now at a comfortable breathing level.

I still have a lot to do, but I can now see over my stack of books and have a Kindle less heavy.

I want to thank you Authors for your patience.

I want to thank you and my Blog followers for your understanding.

I have received many kind messages and much support this past week and it made me remember I have an audience. I actually have people who FOLLOW and are interested.

I had forgotten this.

I have a part-time day job and I do freelance writing from time to time, and I have hobbies and adult responsibilities.

In a perfect world, I could read, review and promote all day every day.

I am finding my balance and learning not to take on more than I can handle.

So thank you for your forgiveness for those I completely dropped the ball on.

Thank you for being part of my team. For lifting me up when I am down and for understanding I am human and doing my best.

Your support is greatly appreciated. This letter isn’t enough to explain the depth of my appreciation.

So, let’s do this.

Let’s get your books out there and climb the mountains and take this journey together.

Some days I still may need you to pick me up, but I promise I will carry you on my end as much as I can.


January Gray


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