Thrilling! “Child’s Play” by Merry Jones



Add this to your TBR right now! “Revelation: A Thriller” by Carter Wilson


Once I started reading this book, the ONLY times I put it down was when I needed to catch my breath from the incredible ride the Author was taking me on!

From the very first page, you are immediately immersed into the story.

I LOVE Carter Wilson’s style of writing.

Set up the scene, add a dash of backstory, and BAM continue on telling the tale!


If you like fast paced, well told stories with characters you care about, hop over to Amazon and reserve your copy of this book NOW! It will be available December 13, 2016

I look forward to reading it again. Well crafted plot and developed characters.

I received my requested copy from NetGally and am giving this review at my choosing.

Run to this link and pre-order your copy, and then buckle up for the ride!



Cancel plans and put off chores for this one! “Fractured” by Catherine McKenzie





Suspenseful, masterfully plotted with well fleshed out characters. You feel like you know Julie and her family.

This book took me by surprise several times while I was reading it, with many unexpected twists and turns.

A flawless, gripping page turner.

I received this from NetGalley by my request, and read and reviewed it by my choice. Here is the Amazon link for purchase.

Thriller recommendation. “Goliath” by Shawn Corridan & Gary Waid






Military thriller. “On Edge” by Albert Ashforth




When a former Army buddy is murdered by an Afghan military colleague, U.S. Army Special Investigator Alex Klear is called back into action in Afghanistan to investigate what is thought to be a classic “green-on-blue” killing. Alex finds Kabul in a state of chaos, partly under government control, partly controlled by the Taliban.

From the beginning, he suspects that the Army has identified the wrong man as the killer, and that an innocent Afghan soldier has become the victim of a complex frame-up. His suspicions are solidified when he discovers that his friend had been investigating a massive fraud at Kabul Bank. As Alex is drawn into the epicenter of the biggest bank fraud in history, he finds his efforts systematically thwarted by both the American and the Afghanistan governments.

In the lawless streets of Kabul and into the far outreaches of Afghanistan, Alex relentlessly hunts his friend’s killer—and uncovers the truth. In real-life, a shameful incident kept mostly out of the media—a monumental embarrassment to both countries.


Realistic plot, characters and story-telling. A very good read. If you like Andrew Gross, you will certainly enjoy this author.

The scenes are fantastic. Albert Ashforth makes you feel like you are really there.

I highly recommend this book. I will read more by this author in the future, that is for certain.

I received this from the Publisher on behalf of NetGalley.

Here is the Amazon link for purchase:

A story within a story! “Big Flies” by Keith Hirshland



After Chester Daniel David, highly celebrated travel writer and hospitality critic, dies in an automobile accident, his son, Leland, is the heir to his prosperous estate. Among the late writer’s possessions are stacks of magazines hidden in an attic that suggest that his stories about his world travels were less than authentic.

As Leland grew up, it seemed as if his father was never home. If he wasn’t at the exotic locations depicted in the various publications, then where was he? And what was he doing?

In a witty mystery that simultaneously follows the lives of the father and son, clues that Chester leaves behind point to notorious unsolved crimes committed within a fifteen-year span:

  • The D. B. Cooper plane skyjacking and ransom demand in the Pacific Northwest
  • The theft from a Caribbean museum of a twenty-four-carat-gold cross recovered from a sixteenth-century shipwreck
  • The inexplicable vanishing of $1 million from the Chicago First National Bank
  • The theft of a collection of priceless artifacts from a Mexican anthropological museum

As Leland unlocks the mysteries surrounding his father’s true life, he finds himself with even more unfathomable questions that he never anticipated asking about his family—and himself.


This is Keith’s first foray into Fiction writing, and he did not disappoint. I was first introduced to him by his non-fiction memoir, “Cover Me Boys, I’m Going In.”

Link to that review and book here:



The pace of this book was perfect. I like the format he used of Past/Present. You get two stories in one as the layers of the mystery unfold. The Father tells his part of the story (Past), and the Son tells his part of the story (Present).

I also like how Leland (the son) tells about his relationship with his father.

They both feel real and…human in this book.

Author Keith Hirshland did a flawless job of taking real life (yet to be solved) mysteries, and adding a Fictional twist to them!

Very satisfying and complete read.The plot, writing and characters are perfectly written. I did not skim at all. Smooth and complete read that I highly recommend.

Here is the link for purchase of Big Flies:

Cancel your plans and read this book! “The Killing Game” by J.S. Carol




From the first to the last page, I was completely and utterly at the mercy of this book. I was turning the pages like they were on fire, it was that good!!!’ Bibliophile Book Club

Imagine you are having lunch at an exclusive restaurant, filled with Hollywood’s hottest stars.
And a masked gunman walks in and takes everyone hostage.
You must bargain for your life against a twisted individual who knows everything about you.
He also has a bomb set to detonate if his heart rate changes.
If he dies. You die.
You have four hours to stay alive.
What would you do?

A heart-stopping thriller with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, for fans of Peter Swanson, Harlan Coben and Linwood Barclay.


Cancel your plans or hurry up and finish your chores, because once you start this book, you will be unable to put it down!

I loved the pace of this book. Within the first couple of pages, (If I remember correctly, it was a page and a half), you were introduced to the main character, and then BAM!!!

Action, action, action!

Buckle up because there are a lot of twists and turns, and this Author will wreck your emotions, because you will connect with EVERY character. I mean EVERY single one of them. (remember that, because that is the only clue I am giving you.) 😉

The way J.S Carol portrays Hollywood and the media? SPOT ON! The media plays a huge role in this book, and you will find yourself nodding your head and thinking, “Yes, that’s exactly how the media works and portrays things to the public.”

I look forward to reading this book again in the future.

Even if your TBR list is huge, go ahead and get this one, because you will definitely want to read it.

The current pre-order price is 2.99. This book was SO good, I would happily pay full hard back price. It is THAT good!

After you read it, come back and let me know if you figured it out, because I didn’t and I’m usually pretty good and figuring things out! 🙂

It will be released October 13th and is available at this Amazon link.

Even if your TBR list is huge, go ahead and get this one, because you will definitely want to read it.



Can a Persian Cat Start a War?

Can a Persian cat start a war? It would seem so in this hilarious, fast paced thriller! This is Book One of the Harry Linley Trilogy, and I cannot wait to read the others!

Poor Harry Linely was only supposed to house sit for a friend, when two men end up dead which starts a chain of events that include sex, deceit and murder.

This book is set in Dubai and the author does an amazing job of describing it and making you feel like you are there.

This is a must read. Just be sure to set time aside to do nothing but read, because you will not want to put this down!

Reviewed on behalf of AuthorAmp via complimentary copy. copy.

Persian Roulette.jpg

Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig

download (2)

Flynn’s girlfriend, January, is missing, he was the last to see her, and nothing is adding up. Flynn has a secret of his own, which I found a slight bit predictable.

There are not any slow or dull parts in this book. The characters and plot are well developed.

I did not have any ah-ha moments but it did not lose my interest.

This made an interesting read, I read it in one evening. Certainly not my favorite, but a good story nonetheless.

Available for pre-order at Amazon.


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