Golden Eights: the search for Churchill’s lost gold begins again. By: NIGEL SEED

download This is the second novel I have read by Nigel Seed and he continues to impress and satisfy his readers with round rounded characters and  solid story lines.

In this book, Major Wilson (introduced in V4), and his team, go on a mission to find the gold hidden by the British during WWII.

As with V4, this book has a lot of action and twists and turns and surprises.

I look forward to reading more of his work in the future.

V4 Vengeance Delayed:Hitler’s last Vengeance Weapons Are Going To War (Fiction) by Nigel Seed


Major Jimmy Wilson,of the Royal Engineers, has to leave his position due to downsizing of the British Army. He needs a job, but they are hard to find. He gets  invited to search for a hidden German U Boat base, and take two submarines away from underneath the noses of the German government. But secrets and mysteries and horrors are all around.

This is very well written book with good pacing and well rounded characters and dialogue, and a solid plot. It captures your attention and keeps it, and in many parts it gives you chills at how much this could be a reality.

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