Great Sci-Fi reads! Cobalt (book 1) & Crimson (book 2) by C G Blade




A mind-blowing mystery deepens around the first Trinity Series novel Cobalt as a former wounded patriot is thrust into a world surrounded by greed, corruption, and tyranny. This is an action-packed twisting story of regeneration, retribution and renewal. Fans of historical science fiction and lovers of satire will find this first novel in the series to be a huge page-turner. Cobalt is dedicated to our Armed Forces, science fiction fans, and the early pulp writers. Hang on tight, this ride might get a little genetically controlled! – Pseudosynth Press



The main character in this book is named Petra, and I have my first ever crush on a female Character! I LOVE Petra! I want to BE Petra, and if I cannot be her, I want to meet her! 😉

This book is set in the year 2076 and Petra is reborn from a test tube out of Cobalt.

This book is fast paced, and full of action. A true adventure.

I also like the humor in this book.

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Crimson is a mind-bending science fiction novel and a nod to the Hammer Film Studios of the 1960’s. This satirical sequel to Cobalt is a thought-provoking binary conspiracy with a deep rich Crimson soaked story. Set six-months after the takeover by the Pseudosynths, this is an all out full-tilt-boogie freight train out-of-control action-packed novel. This twisting turning technologically driven story is one ‘hell’ of a ride and contains the mother of all retrofits! -Pseudosynth Press

The second novel in the Trinity Series- Crimson unleashes hell on earth…PKD must find a way to stop it, or at least slow it down. Is Crimson who you think it is? What root framework makes Petra ‘moral’ in her decisions? Something comes back to bite her in the…well you know.


This book is the 2nd in the Trinity series and it takes things to a whole new level! It is a great follow-up to Cobalt, and you will not be disappointed!

This was a page turner I could not put down!

Just when you think you are being taken in one direction boop you are pulled into an entirely different one!

Highly recommend!

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The Book of Ralph by Christopher Steinsvold


This book is both entertaining and insightful. A space alien who is addicted to the internet visits the planet and chaos and life lessons unfold.

Both funny and deep at the same the time. You will laugh when Ralph misunderstands the things he reads on the internet, but you will also learn some real life lessons from him.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading it again in the near future.

It can be purchased on Amazon.

Genetically Privileged and Genetically Conflicted by A.W. Daniels



I am posting my review of both of these books at the same time, because you will want to have them both on hand before you start reading. As soon as you finish Genetically Privileged, you will immediately go to Genetically Conflicted.

Imagine if you could choose the genetic makeup of your child.

Would this be a blessing or a curse?

A couple, unable to have children on their own, are unwittingly pulled into this web and discover it truly is both a blessing and a curse.

They love their son, yet he advances so quickly I got the feeling they missed the experience of having an actual baby/toddler phase, and this is a big, important and interesting take on the field of Genetics.

Genetically Privileged is full of secrets, lies, twists and turns and is hard to put down.

I immediately started reading Genetically Conflicted, which pulls you into a strong action scene from the first sentence.

See, the Genetically Privileged are segregated in a way, since they are far more advanced. This brings other multiple issues into their lives.

Readers of Science-Fiction and action and mystery will love these books and I’m looking forward to see more of this story.


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