The Lost Concerto by Helaine Mario


I received this book from Oceanview Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

This book combines suspense, political intrigue, stolen art and classical music.

A winning combination in my opinion, and this Authors writing flows effortlessly.

Sofia Orsini and her son flee a convent to go to France, and Sofia is drawn into a dangerous world where she must save her family and solve mysteries.

If you are looking for an exotic, fast paced, thrilling read, you cannot go wrong with this one.

It can be purchased on Amazon and is available in several formats.



I am a happily married 49 year old proud mother of four. A published author of three E books: Broken Trust, Past Sins and Whispering Woods. Working on book number four now. My first book “Broken Trust” was originally published in 2001 and has recently been republished in 2014. I have also written several poems in the past which were published in 2001 in the International Library of Poets book. 
Broken trust cover

 Broken Trust is a story based upon true events. However, some of the events are fictional. This is Kate’s story about how the “trust” was broken explicitly by the people in her life that she loved and trusted the most. At a young age Kate would learn the hard way how to survive; starting by suffering not only sexual and physical but mental abuse as well by the hands of her father. After suffering years of abuse her father will finally be exploited for the monster that he is. Kate would quickly learn that all but a few of the people that she trusted to help her would quickly turn on her just like her father had said they would. After taking all that she could endure and knowing that it was the only way she could survive, she would try and leave behind all the horrible memories of her father, step-mother and the small town she lived in as she went to live with her real-mother. As she tried to start a new life and trust again Kate found herself in unfamiliar territory as she went from one abusive life to another as she stepped into her real-mothers world of drugs and alcohol. Unexpectedly, she would form a relationship with a boy from her new school. Mike would become a very important part of her life; gradually she would open herself up to him and start to trust again. He would stand by her helping her through some of the most difficult situations that her mother would put her though. There is only so much one can endure though, will he continue to stand by her, or will Mike to break a trust that will devastate her?

 From an early age, Steven Hatfield has always been an ambitious person, never letting anything or anyone stand in his way from getting what he wants; not even his own family. After graduating from law school he landed the job of his dreams at the Chatman and Bryant Law firm. Determined to become a partner of the firm, he will commit some of the most horrendous acts against those he feels is standing in his way.
Shortly after his own wife’s murder the opportunity that Steven had long awaited for falls right into his lap; when his firm is hired to represent the beautiful actress Tanya Udry for the murder of her husband. When his rival Joseph Linder and his family dies from an unfortunate house fire, Steven is thrilled when he is asked to be the lead lawyer on the case; knowing that this trial could very well land him the partnership that he had so longed for.
Steven knew that he would do whatever it took to win the case, and he is thrilled when one night a stranger walks into his office with information that guarantees him the win. Unbeknownst to Steven, this same stranger that helped him to win the case that took him to the top of his career, will set into motion a spiral of events that will cause Steven’s “Past Sins” to catch up to him.
 The eerie darkness from the pitfall of trees that surrounded Daniel’s home sent a shiver down his spine. He knew that there was something horrible going on deep within the woods; something so evil that he dared not to step a foot beyond the trees. Every now and then when the wind blew, he swore that he could hear the sounds of drums and what he believed to be a chanting noise drifting in the air. Arising from the porch swing; he quickly retreated back into the safety of his home. Daniel could not help but to wonder if he had made a mistake by coming here. Six months ago to the date he had lost his wife and child in a car accident then three weeks ago he was contacted by the lawyer informing him that his grandmother had passed away. He soon learned that he was the last surviving heir of the Mc George clan; he had been left everything, including this strange farmhouse house that was in dire need of repair. He had been there less than twenty-four hours and already he missed the smog and noisy city that he had left behind. As he reached over and turned out the light he wondered what this quiet little town in Owsley Kentucky held in store for him.
All books are available on Barnes and Noble available on Nook devices. Also available at Smashwords ( download in: epub, mobi (Kindle), pdf, rtf, irf, pdb, txt, Online reader and orginal document. 

Whispering Woods by K.D. Wilson -a thriller impossible to put down.

bb51f8765a7452241b28b6f1d04ca395c4c1cf6a-thumbThe woods whisper and so do the townspeople, but why?

Daniel McGeorge loses his wife and children in a car accident, and a few weeks later his Grandmother dies, leaving him a home near these spooky woods.

Needing a change, Daniel decides to live there but curious things start happening immediately.

A diary and map belonging to his deceased Mother provides clues, but a letter left by his Grandmother sets things into motion.

Should Daniel and his new friend Sarah Jane flee, or do they stay and confront the truth and make things right in this little town?

I do not like to give ANY spoilers in my reviews, and this book is one which is difficult to keep all the thrilling events to myself.

Brilliantly strange and fascinating, this thriller is impossible to put down.

Go to Barnes and Noble and buy it now! BN ID: 2940045254250


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