CHRISTMAS TREE BOOKSI hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas!

I wish you peace, joy, happiness and much reading and writing success!

I hope you get some reading time in!

What books did you receive or choose with a gift card?

What books did you gift?

What are you looking forward to reading in the coming New Year?







Social media in the writing, reading and book reviewing world. Yes, it is a great outlet for Authors and bloggers, and readers are always finding new books to read.

But when is it too much?

When I first started my Book Reviewing blog, I also created a Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+, GoodReads, LibraryThing, Instagram and Pinterest…

Not including the places I am required to post my reviews, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, NetGalley, sometimes Smashwords, and the publishers page.

I knew I was missing other Social Networks, but I thought these were enough.

It turns out, they were too much.

Now some disagree, and I understand both sides of the social networking coin, but sometimes it is too much noise.

As a mostly introvert, I enjoy Social Media. It allows me to socialize without actually going out or changing from my Yoga pants. I can also multi-task or simply walk away from it when there is something I have to do, or I am just done socializing for the moment.


Between all of the messages and chat boards and my own posts, it was too much.

I know some people have a schedule for their Prime Times of social impact, but I do not live that kind of life where I can schedule, although I have found scheduling blog posts and FB page posts to be very useful.

But you know what I miss between the Tweets and Re-Tweets?

I miss the connection. The reason for all of these apps on my phone.

The Social Connection.

I started blogging because I love to read and write, and I love helping Authors get noticed.

But what I am loving the most, are the connections and friendships I am making with these Authors.

The ones who message me and can tell me their book got some more sales and great reviews, and they don’t even have to tell me the title because I KNOW that Author and their book.

I love encouraging them to not give up when it seems no one is interested in their book or they got a crappy review.

I also enjoy the GoodReads and FB Groups I am a part of, and it is nice to actually have time to interact with people instead of racing around the internet making sure I have posted my most recent reviews all over the place.

I understand getting out there and getting your work noticed is important and your audience is stretched out all over the planet, but personally, I am finding limiting the Social Networks I use, has improved my audience.

I gave up LibraryThing because it is similar to GoodReads but wasn’t as productive for me.

I also gave up Google+. It just wasn’t for me, and I never took the time to understand it. My feedback from Google+ was next to none.

What works for one doesn’t work for all.

So, go ahead, use all of the Social Networks you want. I know many of you are more adept at it than I will ever be.

Just keep in mind…


Calling ALL Readers! :)

Greetings, Sunshines! Hope you are having a fabulous week of reading!

Today I want to talk about the importance of leaving a review. Even if only on Amazon.

Reviews are what help Authors. Even the reviews that aren’t all that great.

For example, let us say you read a Romance, and you give it three stars on Amazon, and your written review says it had too much sex in it for your liking.

Guess what?

You mentioning that there is a lot of sex will attract readers to the book, who enjoy a book full of sex scenes.

We all don’t like the same things in books, but even the comments you feel are negative can be useful, if written in a kind way.

Please don’t ever leave a negative review full of nothing but rant. But please be honest, as Authors (thick skinned as they are), appreciate your opinion as long as it is delivered in a logical way.

Reviews are easy to write. You can simply  leave a few sentences, you do not have to be detailed.

For example:

  • I liked it, it kept my attention
  • I didn’t like it, it didn’t keep my attention
  • I read it in one siting…

…you get my meaning. 😉

Even something as simple as saying you took it on vacation, gives those interested in the book and reading your review, a broad insight into the book.

When I say vacation or weekend book in my reviews, I hope to impress upon people that it is a good book to enjoy and relax with. A book with a good story that makes you forget the real world for awhile.

There are many places  you can leave a review such as:

  • FACEBOOK (yes, even on your own personal page)
  • PINTEREST (cover photo)
  • INSTAGRAM (cover photo)

And several other places, I have either forgotten at the moment or am not aware of.

But honestly, a simple review on Amazon with just a few sentences can mean the world to an Author. So go show them some love…

after you finish what you are reading of course! ❤

Burnout from reading favorite Authors?


Dear Readers,

Do you ever suffer from burnout by reading your favorite Authors back to back?

I remember, many years ago all I read for the very longest time was Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Danielle Steel.

I was the first in line to buy and read their books.

It wasn’t that the writing was bad or found one of their books less enjoyable, (although I do have my favorites and least favorites.)

I simply had enough.

I hate when this happens.

But of course, I think our taste changes as we grow older?

Do you agree or disagree?

What do you do when you suffer from this Burnout?

Do you wait awhile and go back to the Author, do you leave with intentions of picking up their books again in the future, or do you never return to them?

Just curious.

Happy reading!

Oh, and also we discover new Authors we love! 🙂

An open Thank You letter to ALL-January Gray

selfportraitAs many of you know, I started Book Reviewing, not realizing the time and work involved…or at least forgetting I have a life outside of books. (that part makes me sad sometimes. 😉 )

I played catch up today and am now at a comfortable breathing level.

I still have a lot to do, but I can now see over my stack of books and have a Kindle less heavy.

I want to thank you Authors for your patience.

I want to thank you and my Blog followers for your understanding.

I have received many kind messages and much support this past week and it made me remember I have an audience. I actually have people who FOLLOW and are interested.

I had forgotten this.

I have a part-time day job and I do freelance writing from time to time, and I have hobbies and adult responsibilities.

In a perfect world, I could read, review and promote all day every day.

I am finding my balance and learning not to take on more than I can handle.

So thank you for your forgiveness for those I completely dropped the ball on.

Thank you for being part of my team. For lifting me up when I am down and for understanding I am human and doing my best.

Your support is greatly appreciated. This letter isn’t enough to explain the depth of my appreciation.

So, let’s do this.

Let’s get your books out there and climb the mountains and take this journey together.

Some days I still may need you to pick me up, but I promise I will carry you on my end as much as I can.


January Gray


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